Our Story


Easily prone to rashes, my daughter had extremely sensitive skin which could sometimes be challenging to manage. In 2010, those mild rashes no longer posed a huge issue as her skin soon broke out in chronic hives and painful rashes. Several visits to dermatologists and doctors later, my daughter was prescribed various creams and oral prescriptions to minimize the itching and to help calm her irritated skin.

Not long after, the prescribed solutions were no longer effective in soothing my daughter's skin. I then started to do my own research on the ingredients in these products and why they were no longer effective.

I remember staying up all night in horror when I found out about all the toxic chemicals and preservatives listed in the ingredients of these products. All of the products I bought for my daughter contained parabens, preservatives, and various other toxic chemicals.


Not only did I need a miracle fix for my daughter, but I now had another problem: where can I find 100% natural products for sensitive, rash prone skin?

Instead of waiting for the answer, I enrolled in a natural skincare school and graduated with the tools I needed to help my daughter.


The first product I made, the Goat Milk Body Butter, could almost be described as 'life changing' as the painful rashes and hives were no longer an issue for my daughter. Seeing the results it made on my daughter filled my heart with warmth and joy. I now had a newfound love for natural skincare products and saw the importance of using natural ingredients when formulating products. 

Soon, the word spread about my Goat Milk Body Butter and what started as a natural skincare journey to help my daughter turned into a skincare brand.

With the help of my three daughters, we launched Rasmi Skincare on December 2017 with an aim to produce ethically sourced,  luxury, clean, affordable, and halal products.  We designed Rasmi Skincare for those who are conscious about what goes into their skin and want beautiful skin without toxic substances.